Beyond Blue Shop - Aeronautic Products for Aerospace Inspiration

Space is only 100km away. We are here to fly.
— BBA Directorate

The Idea

Beyond Blue Aerospace was established in January 2010 as a federal (Canadian) corporation to provide aviation and spaceflight products.

The primary operational goal of Beyond Blue Aerospace (BBA) is to develop an efficient and reusable suborbital vehicle capable of takeoff and landing like a conventional aircraft.

The Offerings

To help fund our research and development efforts, as well as raise awareness of the suborbital industry and technologies, BBA has chosen to create this online shop.

Every attempt will be made to provide a cross section of products and services that complement the corporate mandate.

100% Beyond Blue

The aim is to offer products and services directly created and provided by BBA resources.

The only exception to this will be our aircraft parts distribution. Beyond Blue Aerospace has global access to new and used parts so we can help you keep your plane in the air.